Playing the Paper // NYT At Home
During the Summer of 2020 I interned at the New York Times as a Game Maker Intern. I led the other five Games Team interns in developing a new game concept, Animatic, and made sure it fit in with Times branding. Animatic is a puzzle game in which you organize animation frames into the correct sequence. It is the first NYT prototype developed for Web and iOS simultaneously.
I led and documented playtesting sessions for a number of other projects and game prototypes. "Player the Paper" was one of these special projects which was a collaboration with the NYT At Home section. It lists a series of games that can be made/played with the newspaper itself!
I also helped update rapid game prototyping workshops to better suit remote work. I then helped lead the workshops to employees across the NYT for Maker Week.
I currently continue to design freelance puzzles for the game Vertex, a connect-the-dots type puzzle that reveals a hidden image.
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